Plan for Event Cancellations: Get the NPO’s Guide to Fundraising Continuity

In today’s uncertain world, nonprofits need to plan for the unexpected so they can continue to raise funds and effect positive change even when unforeseen global events disrupt planned in-person events. There are numerous alternatives to in-person events and having a contingency plan in place can make all the difference in continuing your fundraising efforts when an event is cancelled.

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When an unforeseen global event such as the COVID-19 virus or a natural disaster strike, a nonprofit’s constituencies are the ones often the most in need. But if your fundraising event is cancelled, your mission suffers right when it is needed most.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What kind of events can disrupt your fundraising

  • The potential effects one unforeseen global event can have on your mission

  • The steps you can take to plan for the unexpected

  • Types of digital events to replace your in-person events

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